My Why ...

No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around you. Success is never reached alone. And, wisdom and wealth are sweeter shared.

Women are a life force. We bring life into this world. But somehow, we often forget that one of those lives is ours. We spend so much time being everything and everyone to everybody else and forget about breathing life into ourselves. But the truth is that we cannot be anything to anyone until we are everything to ourselves.
I was taught this lesson when I was 20 years old. My dear deceased Aunt Kay pulled me aside as I was getting ready for my college graduation and told me that I needed to love myself more than anyone else. Over the years since then, I have taken that to heart and have adopted my life motto, self-preservation is key.
That clarity of self has served me well. It has allowed me to live authentically and not have to compromise my morals and values to succeed.
But my Aunt Kay was just one woman who has poured into my life. It began with my mother, Sonia and has continued with my sister Lisa and my cousins, friends, sorority sisters, colleagues, coaches, mentors and mentees.
Their strength, love, and critiques have sustained me and pushed me to being the woman I am today. [My bio is below.] I owe it to them to pay it forward.
In my favorite poem, “The Dash,” author Linda Ellis asks “when your eulogy is being read, with your life’s actions to rehash, would you be proud of the things they say about how you lived your dash?” This question is about your legacy. What legacy are you building in your time on earth? How will you have impacted people’s lives?
I think about these questions everyday and in everything I do. I want to be proud of how I lived my life.
  • I want women to love themselves more than they love anyone else.
  • I want women to embrace their greatness.
  • I want to empower women to live life as their authentic badass selves.
  • I want women to take control of their legacy.
When women support each other, incredible things happen. That is why I created Ladies Who LeverageSM.

Let’s collabosourceSM, strategize, and monetize!

I got you Sis!

Investing in women means investing in the people who invest in everyone else.

My Bio

Kelly Charles-Collins, CEO of HR Legally Speaking, LLC, has the unique ability to make difficult and sensitive topics more approachable.
A powerhouse attorney and expert on disrupting unconscious bias, bystander intervention, and workplace investigations. Kelly leverages her 20+ years of employment law experience, intuitive perspective, and engaging personality to empower leaders to stay on the right side of the next #hashtag movement.
A sought-after authority around the country, audiences discover how unconscious bias and indifference can stifle potential and cause legal issues to pop-up in the most unexpected ways.
Leaders love Kelly’s practical tools that instantly improve culture, promote diversity and inclusion, and boost productivity while protecting their people and profit. Kelly’s book, ACE Your Workplace Investigations, helps HR leaders conduct legally compliant investigations.
Kelly and her award-winning TEDx Talk – The Bystander Effect: Why Some People Act and Others Don’t have been featured on television and podcasts and she’s been quoted in several publications.
Learn more about Kelly keynote speaking, training, and consulting on Disrupting Unconscious Bias, Encouraging Bystander Intervention and Conducting Workplace Investigations.