LWL Book Club was created by Laura D. Harver and Chrissy Das.

Both lovers of books and investors in Ladies Who Leverage, they saw an opportunity to support the talented authors in LWL and guide the women business owners striving to improve their business development and sales, leadership, and professional skills. This book club will both encourage and challenge you as you build your professional legacy. Author participation in LWL book club is a benefit of being an LWL investor.

Author Benefits

Each month, one author from Ladies Who Leverage will be featured and will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Interactive 90-minute book club session with Ladies Who Leverage investors
  • Promo video in the LWL Facebook group
  • Interview video with Laura and Chrissy featured in the Facebook group
  • Opportunity to make offers related to your book (e.g., programs, events, book sequel)

Member Benefits

Members of the LWL Book Club enjoy a supported structure that encourages business growth and creative thought. They also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Two 90-minute book club sessions on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month from 12:00pm-1:30pm EST
    • 1st Session – engaging discussion about the first half of the book
    • 2nd Session – continuation of discussion with the featured author
  • Intentional themes of business and leadership development
  • Guided readings and worksheets
  • Extension of powerful energy of LWL harnessed into an actionable creative outlet
  • Recordings available in the Investor Resources section¬†


Open Read on the final Friday of each month from 12:00pm-1:00pm EST. Participants can sign up in the Ladies Who Leverage Library Room for a 5-minute slot to share a piece of writing for feedback from their peers. This is a great opportunity for our writers to workshop parts of their next book. When you make time to write, we want to hold space for you to share it with our group of supportive women.

  • 5 writers per session will share 5 minutes of their work for feedback
  • Each session will open with a writing tip
  • You must attend live! This will not be recorded.