I’m passionate about women unleashing their badassery, whatever that looks like to them. I want women to embrace their power unapologetically. Sometimes we shrink because we fear judgment. Other times we fear our own greatness. And sometimes we’re just not sure why we aren’t showing up and showing out. Wherever you are on that spectrum, I want to empower you step into your greatness.
I’ve coached business owners, business professionals, attorneys and C-Suite executives in major corporations. And I’ve been and continue to be coached; so I’m not offering you something I’m not doing myself.
I specialize in coaching high-achieving women who are about their business.
It’s no secret I have a special love for women lawyers, because I am one, and women in male-dominated professions. I’ve seen and experienced most of the bias and bullshit that is associated with those environments and learned to successfully break through those barriers. I will empower you do the same.
Many of us are not operating at our full potential and still some of us are barely operating. You know this is unsustainable over the long haul but maybe you’ve accepted that that’s just the way it is.
And like a duck, you glide through life never letting on about your internal struggle to stay afloat.
I get it. You’re not alone.
I’ve been a single mother, a working mother, a business owner, laid off, on government assistance, and had my car repo’d. I transitioned from corporate to entrepreneurship, back to corporate now back to entrepreneurship. And like many of you, my duck game was strong … in public at least. But at times, I suffered in private – wondering was this all worth it. Was my profession worth sacrificing my mind, body, and soul?
I decided it was not and have worked hard to ensure that I am in constant alignment. It’s not always easy but the minute I achieve clarity, I’m unstoppable. LWL is a perfect manifestation of that clarity.
I am a master at reverse-engineering. Once I have the vision, I can reverse-engineer to put the plan in place and leverage the resources to execute. I will empower you do the same.
  • Are you seeking clarity?
  • Are you out of alignment?
  • Are you struggling with navigating the bias and bullshit in your business or workplace?
  • Do you have a vision but not sure how to make it a reality?
  • Do you need to stop playing around and instead show up and show out as your complete authentic self?
  • Do you need someone to guide you but also push back when you go astray?
If you’re looking for someone who’s only advice comes from the land of sugar and spice, I’m not her.
But … If you are ready to gain clarity, embrace your power unapologetically, and unleash your badassery, by doing the necessary work, then I’m your girl.

My coaching is customized – focused on you and what you need and what you want to accomplish. 

We all need someone who has our back but will also push back. If you’re ready to gain clarity, embrace your power and unleash your badassery, let’s talk.

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